Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The non existent dresser, latest thrifty finds and a makeover

As some of you know, the dresser I bought on Ebay didn't materialise. The guy was working, so told me he would leave the dresser on his drive outside his garage and I was to post the money through his letter box. When I arrived the dresser was nowhere to be seen, I was fuming as I had driven 15 miles to get there. When I got home I called him on his mobile, he was away working and gobsmacked that the dresser had gone. My friends on the shabby chic forum thought it was all a bit strange, I don't know what to think!

I've been busy on the thrifting front lately. Here is the start of my Pyrex snowflake collection. Each item was around £1 in charity and junk shops. This pattern also comes in other colours, I've seen it in red with white snowflakes which would look lovely at Christmas mixed with the black and white I think. I am also collecting the June Rose pattern but only have one tiny plate in that.

I bought these two pretty plates for my daughter's birthday tea next month. She is having an old fashioned tea party and a sleepover although finding friends that are available is going to be a bit difficult as most of them are on holiday! I've already bought some jelly moulds and a glass cake stand for the birthday cake and will get some bunting to hang on the gazebo in the garden. Hope it's not raining!

And finally, a little makeover. We will be decorating my daughter's bedroom next month when the kids are away in Ireland with their grandparents. I bought this mirror for 50p in the Salvation Army shop and painted it using Plastikote spray paint. I know, so untrendy that I didnt use F&B or something but this really was easy and cream is cream wherever you buy it from! It is shown here in the bathroom, but will go in her room when it has been decorated.

Sorry the lighting is bad on the photos, it has been so grey and wet here but typically now that I am writing this the sun has come out and the sky is blue.

I have been tagged to show the view from my kitchen window, I haven't forgotten and will do that once we have pruned the bushes and the sun is shining. It all looks a bit overgrown at the moment as we aren't that good at keeping it tidy!


Lace Threads said...

Your daughter is going to have a lovely birthday tea with china like that! I like what you've done with the mirror.
And so sorry about the dresser.

angel said...

I think Lastic is stalking me!!!!lol.

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for you to update your blog, did you dust the cobblie webs of when you came in? lol.

I have bunting when do you need it by?

I really like that Pyrex patterney thingy wosit, i do hope you find lots and lots. *Huggles*
Ps i also think that man is a minger for losing the dresser, likely story. umf.
Love and hugs Honey.

A Different Era said...

Thanks Lace.

Angel, you're stalking her you loon. I thought only Bristolian people said minger! I need the bunting by 9th August hun, I was looking on Ebay for some. Let me know what ya got x

angel said...

Oops so i am.....Lol.
Whats a Bristolian....is it like an Essex Bird.........*Shrug* lol
Minger is what we call people down here, have done for years......longer than yous lot anyhow.
I have made some today and they are made of felt so if you want it i will let you have it and get some more during the week.
I will take a pic later and put it up on the SCC for you..........its nothing special, not like Lacys elliewebs or Bloomin Myrtle's cos mine was cheap but it looks effective. [well I think so] *smile* and Im the one that counts *Titter*
Honest honey you are welcome to have some.

MaryPoppins said...

Your mirror is fabulous well done
Agree with you regarding the cream X

This Vintage Life... said...

Love what you've done with that mirror...bad luck about the dresser, but you'll probably find another one better!

Country Cottage Chic said...

That really is disappointing about the dresser.

Very nice finds too - I'm sure your daughter will love her tea party!

I hope you'll be able to make it to the Vintage & handmade Fair in November as I'd love top meet you!


Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello.. I found you through my friend Jayne at Country Cottage Chic. So pleased to hear you are coming to our Fair... please spread the word.. the more the merrier!

Is is possible that your dresser was stolen from the drive way?? Unfortunately you can't prove it !


Sandie said...

Just to let you know that I have given you a Blog Award! See mine for info.

I enjoy reading about your finds but was sorry to read about the dresser.

Rebecca said...

I have just found your blog (through This Vintage Life) and felt that I just had to leave a comment. I will add you to my blog list - hope that's fine with you. I am just about to go on my weekly charity shop rummage and hopefully will come back with as nice things as you. I have one of those little snowflake pyrex dishes, but have never seen any others. I had begun to think that such things were only found at church fairs.

fiftiesgirl said...

Love the snowflake pyrex, ive been collecting it too whenever i see it. Ive got it some in pink and white but mostly black and white. Im hoping that by christmas i have enough plates to set the table with! Lovely finds x