Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Recent finds

These are my recent charity shop and car boot finds. My favourite item is the jug which cost £2 in a charity shop. The cake stand was £1 at a car boot sale and the candle sticks 20p each. I'm collecting glass candle sticks of different shapes and sizes to put on my mantlepiece, inspiration taken from several well known blogs! I've started collecting vintage glasses, these two were only 25p each, will be great for a shot of sloe gin in the winter!
I also collect vintage children's books, Ladybird books and Enid Blyton mainly but anything 1950's that catches my eye too. I will have to show you those and my vintage linens another time, when I've worked out how to put another photo in the same post!


Elaine said...

I love the glassware. I popped into my favourite CS yesterday and noticed lots of lovely "new" pieces, but they have decided to put the prices way too high now, minimum £3 eeekk!!!

Love the new blog btw.

Love and blessings

Another Era said...

I know what you mean, I'm sticking to my 2 or 3 really cheap shops that I've found and car boot sales. Thanks for commenting!

sharie said...

great blog, I'm collecting the vintage stuff too, I guess we are getting inspiration from similare sources LOL.
I love your new dresser btw. What a great buy.

Curlew Country said...

Hello there - thanks so much for popping by my blog to say hello. Lovely to discover a beautiful new one too. I love your dresser and the car boot finds. I don't have much joy at car boots - all dodgy dvds and car parts around here! I've just begun to collect old Ladybird books and may have to treat myself to one of the posters they now sell. Full of such happy memories.
Have a lovely Midsummer's day.

Clairey said...

Just found your blog and its another one to add to my daily read!