Wednesday, 4 June 2008

New Beginning

We will soon be decorating several rooms in our house and I'm trying to persuade my husband that vintage/shabby style is the way forward. He is resisting greatly.

We have just finished wallpapering our bathroom. It's a long story but the bathroom has been in progress for a very long time. After decorating our son's room we got new motivation and wallpapered above the bathroom tiles to finish the room. I wanted a vintage bevelled mirror and found a bargain on Ebay. My DH told me he hates them but I went ahead anyway and it was hanging in the bathroom when he got home from work. He said it was really nice and suited the room. Later on whilst trying to adjust the height of the mirror, he dropped it on the bathroom floor and took a chunk out of the mirror! The very same day that I brought the mirror home!

He's now trying to make it up to me big style, and it just happens to be my birthday next week too!

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